‘Reconstruction’ (Self-initiated project)

Having submitted and concluded the People and Place course, my tutor encouraged me to undertake a self-initiated project in the immediate period after completion. I undertook research and became interested in the Battersea / Nine Elms area of London, an area undergoing a rapid transformation in the recent burst of ‘regeneration’ hitting the former industrial wastelands of Inner London.

After shooting the area in a few times, I decided to focus on the idea of facade and what the material facades photographed tell us about the change the area is going through. These range from images of the screens developers put up to conceal construction sites, to the new frontages of recently completed luxury flats and the interiors of construction sites. I find the screens put up to conceal the construction sites perhaps the most interesting images in the set below – these temporary frontages symbolise the change the area is going through.

These are ideas that I will continue to explore as I envisage this as a long-term project to allow time for the area to change and develop.

(all images shot with Pentax 67 + 55mm F4 on Kodak Portra / Ektar) 


‘Reconstruction’ (Self-initiated project)