Part 5 Research: Cities on the Edge

Cities on the edge

My tutor recently pointed me in the direction of the British photographer, John Davies. I decided to follow up with some research about Davies looking at his website and portfolio. It was during this research that I came across the “Cities on the Edge” (2008) commissioned by the Liverpool Culture Commission. Davies was invited to curate and organise the exhibit by selecting a few photographers from around the world to contribute to the project.

Davies and the host city, Liverpool, asked the contributors to explore the visual, cultural, social and political relationship between their home cities and the host city. Six photographers were invited to exhibit, including Ali Taptik, Sandy Volz and Davies himself. Out of the six contributors, these three photographers produced the images that inspired me the most although each produced very different sets – a result of their contrasting visual styles and subject matter.

Over the coming few days I will be looking at these three photographers’ contributions to the “Cities on the Edge” project, focusing on the commission brief and how each photographer interpreted it. This will be useful in preparation for creating my own client brief, and helping me to decide on what kind of client I will be serving.

Part 5 Research: Cities on the Edge

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