Exercise: An organised event


For this exercise I shot a Nepali wedding procession on a Kathmandu street. Whilst this was clearly an organised event – a procession complete with band and processional car for the bride and groom – it drew a lot of spectators so photographing it was extremely difficult. Before shooting I tried to pinpoint the most prominent players in the scene, that was the family, bride and band. The above image (from what I understood) was the father.


The image of the bride above was a difficult one to capture due to the attention she received from spectators. I shot from a variety of angles with my 35mm camera with a 35mm lens until I settled on this shot.


Things moved surprisingly fast on the busy street and before I knew it the procession was ready to move on once the bride had taken her seat back in the car. Spectators on the street were getting mixed up with those in the procession making it difficult to distinguish who was who.


The shot above was captured just before the procession moved on. I thought the red jackets of the band really made them stand out in the busy, colourful street, and whilst the procession stopped the band laughed and joked with one another, intermittently playing tunes at random, not sure whether they were required to continue playing or not. This moment encapsulated the entire sequence of events for me, confusion, colour, an overload of people and sound. My choice of a 35mm lens with 35mm colour film I thought was correct, though in such a scene in future I would have preferred to have a variety of focal lengths to choose from. A high quality zoom lens (18-50 or 18-75mm) I feel would have been the perfect gear for the scene.

Exercise: An organised event

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