Module 2: Developing confidence

For the preliminary exercise, I went down to a local market place near my home here in Korea. It is a bustling place full of activity, and interesting sights and sounds. As a foreigner in Korea you are usually quite conspicuous especially with a camera. However most people at the market are usually very friendly and happy to be in your photos if you ask nicely for a portrait. I took down a 35mm camera and shot a roll of high speed black and white film. I’ve included the original contact sheet and picked out a couple of favourites from the roll.


Looking at the sheet I can see how I worked some scenes, and though I was quite happy with some of the moments I captured, I wasn’t overly pleased with the finished photos. I walked around the market with my friend Lisa and we found some interesting spots with interesting light and shadow contrast, and I caught a couple of nice portraits I was happy with. The first portrait below in particular captures the friendly and open personality of the old market ladies. As I practice street photography quite regularly, I am already confident with my camera in public places, but as mentioned in places like the local market I do feel somewhat self conscious at times and it can affect my shooting.

dongbu Market 2


dongbu Market

So a good first exercise as a warm up for Part 2 of the course, and I am looking forward to the next exercise. I learned that despite my seeming confidence with street photography, I can still feel self conscious photographing strangers!

Module 2: Developing confidence

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